Multifunctional workforce optimization, communication and customer service platform for your company.

Service request system for handling returns and complaints (after-sales service)

Project management system to carry out tasks and review work progress

Intranet to exchange and share materials with all employees

The optimal platform for work organization and communication

Within one platform you get many key functionalities for the company.
You choose what you need and we adapt these functions to your way of working.

Service Management

A comprehensive system for handling service requests. Provides full tracking of the device service process. Effectively guides through the entire process of contact with the customer and controls the circulation of replacement devices.

Project Management

Order in project implementation is one of the key factors increasing productivity in a company. In the system, you can easily divide the project into tasks and assign them to a team ensuring simple and effective communication.


Modern corporate website, enabling simple and intuitive communication within the company. Creating knowledge bases and fast and secure access to documents significantly increases work efficiency. is

By choosing, you ensure effective and fast communication in your company, but that's not all!
Check why you should choose this system!

Low entry costs

By delivering it as a SaaS solution, we will significantly reduce your entry costs. We will adopt the platform to your needs, so you do not have to create everything from scratch.


We provide constant updates and system improvements. Thanks to this, you can use always safe and up-to-date solution.                                                                                                                                                            


Using the proven platform, we will adapt to your business needs. This way you will receive a proven solution, tailor-made!                                                                              

Personal Training

We will train your team how to use the system effectively and we will help you to adopt it to your way of working.

Full Support

As part of our cooperation, we will support your team in using in an effective way.

Best User Experience

When we’ve designed, we paid special attention to how easy and intuitive should it be. As a result we’ve build nice and modern app which works fast, responds in a blink of an eye and things are always at hand.

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So how it will be implemented in your company?

In a few steps, we jointly determine your needs and adapt the system to them.


Initial Meeting


Needs recognition


Implementation proposal


System Personalization


Acceptance tests



Our customers

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Get a 25% discount on pre-implementation analysis.