A modern corporate website, with a range of facilities, such as a communication tool. To increase the effectiveness in your company, the Intranet gives you the possibility to create databases and provides safe access to all necessary documents.

Improve access to information in your company

An intranet is an information service functioning inside the company, used for communication and exchange of experience between employees. It is also an opportunity for efficient group work and access to general information and company materials. Our system is more than that! It offers a modern corporate website, enabling simple and intuitive communication within the company, creating knowledge bases and fast and secure access to documents, significantly increasing work efficiency.


The information flow thanks to notifications, announcements and news. Everyone in your company can comment, add news and customize the notifications individually.

Contracts and documents

Agreements, contracts are only visible for an employee to whom they are assigned. And you can get the confirmation, that someone received the agreement.

Internal applications

The intuitive helpdesk, which allows employees to report errors, and demands for consumables.

Knowledge base and FAQ

Central compendium of knowledge. In one place you can collect all relevant materials to each employee, cataloguing them and giving access to the right person.

Who is this system for?

The Intranet module has been built to enable trouble-free communication of all company employees, management of sharing all materials and files. The knowledge base enables sharing relevant information, documents, instructions or procedures. The use of this module is limited only by your imagination. Intranet also allows you to create a stream of messages and company announcements. Thanks to these mechanisms, all employees will always be up to date and always with the necessary materials at hand.

Intranet also offers storage of contracts and documents along with information status on their processing. So you can easily identify who and when read the information prepared for him, when and by whom was accepted.

Functionalities Summary

  • Employee address book
  • Announcements, company news
  • Arrangements, commercial contracts and company procedures (with confirmation by each employee to whom it is addressed)
  • Internal reports - A convenient internal reporting system that allows you to improve the flow of information in the field of administrative matters, helpdesk and maintenance of e.g. technical equipment of employees
  • Knowledge base (including the ability to insert videos, photos, FAQs)
  • A convenient and intuitive search engine
  • Report and email notifications

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