Service Management.

Do you have your service process lined up? We give you complete solution for handling it. You will now have full product life cycle tracking: from the process of production validation to warranty and service repairs.

Organize service requests

Repair requests

Register and track production, service and warranty repairs. Get most up-to-date repair information. Provide the highest quality of after-sales service for your clients.

Lower costs, higher quality

Improve the quality of after-sales customer service. Give your customers easy access to always up-to-date information on repair progress thanks to the features of repair process history, current status and automated messages.

Repair categories and status

We give you ability to create as many repair categories and statuses as you want to give you the most flexible and effective workflow.

Improve customer service

Repair history

A quick insight into the history of the repair request gets communication between you and your customer to another level. Full repair documentation is possible thanks to comments, repair solution database and attached files like scans, photos, PDFs.


Automated alerts and notifications define who, when and how should be notified. So you will never miss out any repair deadlines and periodic inspection of any device you maintain for your customers.

Business intelligence for your production process

Register manual or automatic defects and construction errors during production quality control. Take out any of hidden information about components your suppliers provide you. Eliminate those not reliable and with high defect factor.

Increase information availability, reduce costs.

Product CRM

Monitor the product life cycle from manufacture, through sales and warranty service. provides access to the product's life history from its birth to the end of the warranty and for longer.

Reports and analyzes

Monitor and perform analysis of service requests, production shortages, the most common failures, causes of errors and defects. Optimize production costs and breakdown handling.

Online after-sales service

The possibility of integration with e-commerce platforms to facilitate the handling of service requests, products sold in the online store. Offer a service in your e-store that will make you stand out from the competition thanks to additional services.

Automatic courier call

Integration module with courier systems allowing notification of the reception of broken equipment and delivery of repaired to the customer. You do not need to call the courier - the system will do it automatically!

Functionalities Summary

  • Product CRM - product life history from production to warranty and post-warranty service
  • Registration and handling of service requests
  • The ability to create a system of internal reporting (only for the company and employees or partners) as well as available online for customers
  • A system of authorizations allowing access to registration of requests for specific groups of users or specific users, e.g. call-center receiving requests by telephone or service technicians from external companies
  • The system is dedicated to virtually every industry that offers product and device maintenance services as well as warranty or post-warranty service
  • Online form for adding customer notifications
  • Customer address book and records management
  • Archiving of documents accompanying the notification
  • Handling the request as part of the process defined according to the type and qualification of the request
  • Comments and notes for service requests
  • Searching for tickets: e.g. based on device type, device serial number, customer name, type of error
  • Alerts and notifications about the upcoming warranty period for completing the repair procedure
  • Automatic system integration with courier systems allowing for the collection of broken and delivery of repaired equipment to the customer (including the possibility of sending replacement equipment)
  • View of the status of equipment shipments to and from the customer taken from courier logistics systems
  • The ability to integrate with e-commerce platforms to facilitate the handling of service requests for products sold
  • A convenient system for viewing reports according to their status and a view, i.e. a "timeline", which clearly shows the history of correspondence.
  • Presentation of the history of status changes and actions undertaken in the scope of a given record
  • Assigning tickets to servicing employees, e.g. field service technicians
  • Spare parts warehouse enabling the reservation of indicated parts for the purpose of repairing a given device's fault
  • Database of device manuals and maintenance manuals
  • Reporting indicators for the troubleshooting process

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