Frequently Asked Questions

What are the service requests for?

Service requests can be used in situations when you sell products covered by warranty, or you provide services and your customers report problems associated with the use or defects of your products. Thanks to our system, you will easily control all requests, you will be able to track what happened and how long each stage of changes took.

What do I need the Project Management module for?

If you value orderly operation, your company wants to grow, then this system will definitely be useful to you. You can plan new tasks, projects for yourself, your employees and set goals to achieve. Arranging work in an orderly, predictable and clear way for all employees is of great importance in the development of enterprises.

What is an Intranet and what do I need it for?

Intranet is an internal network that employees of one company can use. A great tool if your employees are territorially dispersed, you have many locations or employees work in the field. Any employee can have access to materials, price lists or other files at any time and place. Intranet also offers a number of other options, which you will learn from a dedicated subpage.

Do I have to buy all functionalities or can I choose only 1 or 2?

No, you can choose any configuration and adapt our systems to your needs, and use one, two or all tools.

Does the system have restrictions in the form of the number of users / employees?

There are no system restrictions, we adapt systems and services related to them for small, medium and large enterprises.

Is it possible to assign different levels of access and permissions?

Yes, our systems offer accounts of administrators and employees reporting to or responsible for various elements. The administrator can assign appropriate access to specific sections and functions to selected users / employees.

Can I buy a larger capacity / disk?

The amount of server space is initially assigned based on a dedicated quote. You can report to us the need to increase the capacity at any time or we will propose it ourselves if we detect that the space allocated to your company is running out.

For how long is the contract signed and what is the period of notice, if any?

We sign the contract for an indefinite period of time with one month's notice. If you decide that you no longer need our services, you can terminate at any time within the above period.

I want to change the parameters of the service / contract

If the configuration that we have prepared together with you is no longer sufficient, please contact us and provide information what requires changes. We will agree on changes that will help you to make your business even better.

Can the platform be integrated with external systems (e.g. ERP)?

Yes, if you expect our systems to integrate with your business partners, we can do such integrations. However, they are subject to individual projects and valuations.

Is documentation and API available?

Yes, documentation and the API for developers is available here.

I need functionality that is not in the system. Can you make it for me?

We can create dedicated functionalities. Please contact us and report such needs. We will prepare a dedicated offer.

Where and how is the data stored?

The data is stored on dedicated servers properly secured and configured. Our servers are under the constant care and monitoring of specialized network administrators.

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