Contract Generation System.

All contracts in one place. Agreements, contracts, that only visible for an employee to whom they are assigned, with visible receiving confirmation.

Organize all contracts and documents in your company

Automatic contract generation

You can generate a PDF file, with all downloaded data.

Outside and inside

Contracts visible only for the person for whom are created. The possibility to send an electronic form to the partner.

Contract Management

The ability to create, add, edit or delete contracts according to a specific specification.

Create contracts for your employees and contractors

Types of contracts

Create a cooperation agreement or a contract of commission. There is no need to complete the additional data - after creating the account of a given company or a private person the system will complete information automatically.

Create contracts to perform a specified task

In addition to basic data, it is possible to supplement the specification of the work.

Create cooperation agreements

Complete basic data as well as add man-hour cost or business day cost.

Functionalities Summary

  • Possibility to add, edit and delete contracts.
  • Possibility of creating a work contracts and cooperation agreements.
  • Automatic generation of contracts based on entered data: PDF files.
  • Electronic delivery to the partner / employee.
  • Electronic confirmation of receipt of the contract.

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