Application and Website Monitoring.

We give you the power to monitor the loading time of your website and speed operation. Our system analyzes and creates reports.You can compare the parameters of your websites with thousands of other websites and online stores.

Control your website, store and web application

Availability monitoring

You can define by your own, what websites and system you want to monitor. You are also able to set the frequency and priority of checking.

Checking the loading time

The loading time of your website affects sales volume and customer satisfaction. Take care of the fast loading time of your website.

Get notifications

Receive instant email and SMS notifications when your service error is detected or the loading time increases.

Check how your system looks compared to others

Comparison to other systems

Compare the parameters of your websites with thousands of other websites and online stores.

Analytics and reporting

Browse through the historical data. Check the quality of your hosting provider.

Improving the quality of service

You can take care of the high availability of your website/store. It is necessary to improve the quality of your services to your clients.

Functionalities Summary

  • The ability to add, edit and delete the system you want to monitor.
  • Parameters of testing the system operation: frequency of checking the system operation, types of verified errors, determining the types of notifications (depending on the types of verified errors).
  • Data collection module (big data).
  • Possibility to check page loading time.
  • Monitoring the correct operation of individual functions.
  • Monitoring the type of error reported.
  • Monitoring the speed of individual functions.
  • Monitoring of the uptime coefficient in the hour, day, week, month horizon.
  • An intelligent module based on an artificial intelligence algorithm that adjusts the method of system monitoring and the type of actions taken depending on the system behavior.
  • Notification escalation management.
  • Automatic sending of notifications to defined users with information on the type and status of the error detected.
  • The ability to anonymously compare the effectiveness of other systems.
  • The ability to create reports on a partner, project, and employee basis.

Who is particularly recommended to implement the monitoring module for websites, online stores and applications?

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