Project Management.

One of the most significant factors of productivity in your company is the ability to manage projects effectively. gives you priceless tools to build the right workflow and communication in one safe place, accessible for every team member.

Organize your work

Create and manage projects

From now on you can create an unlimited number of projects, to-do lists and tasks. That is not all, you can add deadlines, attachments, estimations and time records.

Assign tasks to employees

Every task will have a responsible person assigned. Each of your employees may control and record time spent on task execution.

Improve communication with task history

The task history card allows you to quickly analyze events related to its implementation. Comments, status changes, time registration, change of the responsible person are visible in a transparent, modern view, thanks to which implementation in the current situation is rapid.

Set goals and monitor progress

Allocate resources

Control visually who and when is working on what. Now you can see, what everyone is working on, and allocate new tasks to people, who have free time. Planning projects is more effective thanks to a view that includes holidays and days off.

Monitor project progress

Control task statuses, determine task completion. Additionally, you can add comments, provide feedback, what is more - check time spent on completing the task.

Create and control timelines

Thanks to the intuitive timeline view, you are able to plan your team schedule for the next working week, month or a project duration.

The Project Management System has been built in such a way that enables effective work in companies from every industry. All companies carry out smaller or larger projects and face increasing challenges. One of the biggest problems is the lack of proper communication and work planning tools.

The advantage of our platform is the ability to integrate with any IT system. Each implementation is done turnkey, thanks to which the selection of functionality and parameters is tailored to your company.

Functionalities Summary

  • Creating tasks and subtasks with their description and attachments
  • Defining project implementation dates and individual tasks (start time and planned end date)
  • Assigning tasks to one or many employees
  • A clear view of the tasks assigned to the project / employee
  • Registration of employee work time on the task
  • Assigning and changing status to tasks
  • Adding any number of attachments to each task
  • Communication between employees responsible for the implementation of the task in the form of readable comments presented on the timeline
  • Categorizing tasks by type, e.g. urgent, critical error, defect, suggestion and others
  • Defining task execution time parameters depending on a specific task category
  • Defining the project's time budget (a specified maximum number of hours in the project)
  • Reporting employee, tasks and projects efficiency

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