About the system.

A few words about how TeamFlow.it was created and who is behind it.

A story about a company like yours.


The long-awaited moment has come when your company has begun to grow! The number of orders increased from several to several hundred a day, you hired more employees, the list of cases has ceased to fit on one A4 sheet, the mailbox with messages from customers and employees is never empty, and your colleagues are not several people in one room, only multi-person teams dealing with sales, production, service and a thousand other matters.


A few words about us.

We are LemonMind


We created it

About a tool that will improve the operation of your business

TeamFlow.it is a multifunctional platform for optimizing work, communication and customer service.

We have created this system to implement the most important processes in the company in a simple and automatic way:

exchange of information between employees

service request handling

cooperation within the company

project and task management

TeamFlow.it is the result of combining our many years of experience and the needs of our clients: trading, manufacturing and service companies.

Today, thanks to the TeamFlow.it system, we save time, avoid communication errors, understatement, accelerate our work, and all processes are transparent and everyone knows at what stage the task is carried out. All the most important functions and services are in one place.


Sounds great, right?

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