Functionalities used:

Service Management

Online store monitoring

Company Description:

Enbio Technology has 25 years of experience in research and biotechnology production. The uniqueness of the solutions used has meant that the company has achieved a significant share in global production in its segment. Repeatability and the highest quality were ensured by self-constructed and patented sterilization solutions based on microwave technology. 

The culmination of acquired knowledge and experience is constantly developing a number of innovative devices for sterilization in industry and scientific research. When designing, they attach great importance to the functionality of solutions, while ensuring their unique aesthetics. Production located in Europe meets high quality standards and gives the opportunity to further improve our equipment. Our solutions will facilitate and accelerate work, which means that they are appreciated by their clients around the world.

OBJECTIVE: To improve service management for our products.


Due to the development of our company, it was necessary to implement a system that would improve the handling of service requests.

With the growing number of customers, it was necessary to manage complaints wisely. Thanks to TeamFlow.it, such a service process as well as shipping and collection logistics from customers are very automated, and customers receive from us reliable information about what is happening with their product step by step. The TeamFlow.it system is fully integrated with courier systems, who receive the order to pick up the broken device immediately after registering the customer request in the TeamFlow.it system. Thanks to the extensive reporting and analysis function, the system helps us identify the most common product defects, as well as identify unreliable suppliers, which allows us to save time and money. The system meets all our requirements, and the provider, LemonMind.com, has extended the application with the functions we have reported. We are very pleased with the cooperation.


~ Michał Lauterbach, Corporate Marketing & E-commerce Manager

Benefits of implementing:

Improving service requests handling

Shortening the average time for handling requests

Facilitating access to information on the course of the request for the client and service employees

Logistics automation [receipt and delivery of replacement devices to the customer]

Automation of analysis and reporting

Facilitating identification of product defects [business intelligence for production]

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